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October 10, 2011

Baron Auto Mall Offers a Primer on Car Auctions

Based in Medford, New York, Baron Auto Mall operates the largest used truck dealer and indoor auto mall in Suffolk County on Long Island. Founder Robert Baron understands the importance of buying an automobile. In order to provide his customers with the best deals, he and his staff purchase many of Baron Auto Mall‘s stock from top-quality auctions.

Buyers can discover a wide variety of vehicles at car auctions. Usually, pre-owned automobiles constitute the majority of offerings and lots often consist of cars whose leases have run out, older rental cars, and trade-ins. However, new cars sometimes appear at auctions because dealers cannot find a buyer at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price or because they want to make room on their lots for newer models. In more prestigious auctions, high end, exotic, and specialty cars may be sold. Additionally, some buyers like to attend car auctions to bid on damaged cars that they can repair on their own time.

Car auctions operate like many other auctions where people bid on the inventory available. Some auctions permit the public to attend, while others only allow selected individuals and car dealers to participate. Whether an amateur or a professional, a buyer should research the value of each automobile. Many purchasers bring the Kelley Blue Book to learn the accepted price for each car in its respective condition. Generally, car auctions sell their items “as is.” However, depending on the rules for the particular event, a bidder may test drive it or receive a month-long warranty.

Recently, online auctions have emerged as a popular option, even though potential bidders cannot check the car prior to purchase. Government and police auctions are also favored among those seeking to buy cars at a cheap price. The auctions, which are open to the public, focus on the sale of automobiles and other vehicles seized by law enforcement.