10 Reasons to Buy a Pre-Owned Vehicle presented by Baron Auto Mall

As automobiles and trucks have evolved over the years, so have the appearance and reliability of used vehicles. Combine that with the challenging economic climate of the last few years, and pre-owned transportation can start to look better and better. Here are 10 good reasons to consider purchasing a used car or truck:

1. Used vehicles cost less than new ones, an increasingly important factor with gas prices rising so dramatically in the last several years and making operating a vehicle more expensive.

2. Pre-owned cars and trucks have become more reliable over the years, and some come pre-certified or with warranties still in effect.

3. Insurance and registration cost less on used cars. On older cars, owners can also drop collision and theft coverage.

4. Owners can buy more used car for their money, often enough to upgrade to a premium model.

5. Used vehicles can be much more economical than new vehicles over their lifetimes. Executive Editorial Director and Market Analyst Jack Nerad of Kelley Blue Book Co., Inc., believes the most cost-effective method of car ownership is to purchase a two-year-old vehicle and drive it until it dies.

6. The mileage death knell for a typical vehicle, once 100,0Baron Auto Mall00 miles, has increased to 200,000 miles or more, rendering old mileage arguments against many used vehicles moot.

7. Because manufacturers no longer redesign their models annually, a three-year-old sports car or truck sitting in a person’s driveway can look no different than a brand new one.

8. With firms such as Experian and CARFAX, Inc., providing vehicle-history reports, owners face less risk when buying a used vehicle than they did in the past.

9. Individuals with poor credit tend to qualify more easily for auto loans when purchasing used vehicles.

10. New cars depreciate by about 20 percent as soon as they leave the lot and another 10 percent in the first year. Pre-owned vehicles have already undergone that depreciation and so decrease in value at a much slower rate.

About Baron Auto Mall: Founded in 1995 as the first indoor auto showroom in the United States,  offers a diverse selection of premium pre-owned vehicles at its facility in Suffolk County, New York. Its sister facility Baron Honda sells new and used vehicles and provides service to customers at its Patchogue, New York, dealership.


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